The PEACE Method utilizes our innate abilities to heal any adverse emotions, permanently.

This is one of the most effective methods for resolving limiting emotional blocks

What Is The PEACE Method?

The Permanent Elimination of Adverse Conflicts and Emotions – or the PEACE method – helps you to eliminate emotional blocks that have been standing in your way of living a fulfilled, happy, and satisfied life.


Millions of people today suffer from anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, fears and phobias, and the effects of post-traumatic stress. These conditions live in our bodies and can disrupt our lives. We may spend years trying different treatments. Maybe we find temporary relief, only for things to get worse again when life gets stressful or something triggers our biological response.


Practitioners of the PEACE method have learned that in order to transform these conditions, we must begin with the body – and by doing so, we can transform and permanently resolve conditions that have sometimes plagued us for years.


And the most amazing part is that, contrary to popular belief, we can transform them in mere minutes – as proven by thousands of recorded results.


It is so simple, yet very powerful, with immediate results


What the PEACE Method Resolves

It can help with

A phobia is defined as “an extreme or irrational fear of or aversion to something.” Phobias can come in many forms, and according to the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), approximately 10% of people in the U.S. have specific phobias.


If you struggle with phobias, you know how hard it is when the people in your life don’t understand why you can’t control your fear. Typically, a phobia comes from a past event that you don’t even remember – which is why it can feel so hard to heal and nearly impossible to control. The PEACE method is proven to help you be free of your phobia in just a few sessions.

We have over an 80% success rate in healing phobias in less than 2 weeks.

While not as acute as phobias, anxiety can be incredibly disruptive. Whether you struggle with occasional worry, chronic anxiety or full-out panic attacks, these symptoms can be debilitating and keep you from living your full and authentic life.


Anxiety-related conditions are becoming more and more prevalent in this high-stress and fast-paced culture. Anxiety typically shows up as tension, feeling on-edge, and having trouble concentrating. You may worry over minor things or in ways that feel out of proportion to the situation.


If you experience a panic attack, the symptoms are even more pronounced: shaking, sweating, heart palpitations, and trouble breathing. Panic attacks can happen anywhere, at any time, and can be completely crippling.


Most healing techniques that address anxiety require many sessions over the course of months or even years. The PEACE method will help you deal with your anxiety quickly by accessing the bodily sensations behind it. We can help you overcome your worries and prevent panic attacks so you can feel more centered and face life’s challenges with confidence.

Do you feel stressed? Do you have trouble falling asleep? Or do you wake up regularly in the middle of the night, unable to fall back to sleep?


Stress and insomnia can leave you exhausted, feeling like you’re struggling to be present to your life. It can impact your work, relationships, and overall health because of the physical toll it takes on your body and mind, potentially leading to cancer. 


The PEACE method can help you uncover the root of your stress and insomnia. Once that root is identified, we can assist you in transforming the physiological sensations so you can start having the quality of life that you want.

An estimated 19 million adults in the U.S. are living with major depression, and more than 16 million have had at least one major depressive episode in a given year. Depression not only drains your energy and enthusiasm for life; it also makes it difficult to reach out for help, and can lead to isolation.


Depression can come in many forms, from major depression to a general dissatisfaction with life, or dysthymia. It can show up as sadness, a feeling of numbness, excess anger or irritability, low self-esteem, lack of direction in life, and a loss of joy or ability to experience pleasure.

Most of the programs that help with managing anger, are usually helping to prevent the blow out aspect of when someone is angry.  While these programs work not to eliminate anger, but to teach you to have a positive response to the feeling of anger, the PEACE method can effectively help you uncover the roots of – and transform – any level of anger, from the smallest resentment to full-blown rage. Give yourself the gift of serenity.






The PEACE method is a great tool not only for people who are on the autism spectrum, but also for their loved ones.  It helps those on the spectrum to cope with stressful emotions such as anxiety and panic attacks. And it also helps parents, teachers and other supportive care persons with stressful emotions that they may experience.


I tried everything I could think of. From psychotherapy to NLP, hypnotism, meditation, yoga and even got some antidepressants, which make me numb and sometimes sick. Nothing really worked and I was desperate until I discovered the PEACE Method"



We cannot be 100% healed until our subconscious brain is healed 

How the PEACE Method Works

The Science Behind the Process

The PEACE method is based on the technique of emotional resolution, popularized by French behavioral communication researcher Luc Nicon. Practiced by professionals around the world, emotional resolution is effectively proven to permanently resolve conditions such as:


Anxiety - Depression - Low self-esteem - Trauma and PTSD - Phobias and fears - Panic attacks - Apathy and lack of motivation - Insomnia


The technique is based on neurological research on how emotional narratives are stored in the body. Nicon recognized that as human beings, we all have the innate ability to self-regulate our emotions – including our traumas, fears, and other emotional blocks. In order to do this, though, we must begin with the body – not the mind.


By approaching our emotions through our physical sensations, rather than our intellect, we’re able to permanently regulate any unwanted emotional reaction.

The PEACE method draws on the experiences of hundreds of thousands of people whose lives have been transformed through emotional resolution. Across the United States and Europe, professionals trained in the technique conduct over 15,000 sessions a month with a wide range of clients.


With the PEACE method, you work with a professional to learn the skills to resolve disruptive emotional patterns – permanently. Sessions typically last 50 minutes, and most people find relief with only one or two sessions.   


The PEACE method:


  • Is totally safe. Any human can use this technique on their own after an initial session with a professional.

  • Can be practiced at home in self-resolution sessions, which can be done in as little as 5 seconds and up to 2 minutes.

  • Is effective in treating a wide range of issues, from phobias to low self-esteem to depression and anxiety.


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