It is now possible that in a few short minutes, to permanently heal fears, anxieties, depression, and other challenges that have been holding you back. 


In one or two sessions, the PEACE method teaches you the skills to transform and resolve negative emotions, so you can live your fullest life.  


Practiced by thousands of professionals around the world, it’s the most effectively proven method to permanently resolve emotional conditions such as:

Anxiety - Depression - Low self-esteem - Trauma and PTSD - Phobias and fears - Panic attacks - Apathy and lack of motivation - Insomnia


All you have to lose is the thing that’s holding you back…

Discover how the PEACE method will transform your life

The PEACE Method utilizes our innate abilities to heal any adverse emotions, permanently.

In 5 minutes, I went from being scared of heights to being lifted up by a forklift more than 12 feet without any fear!

Pauline - 33 - Acrophobia permanentely healed in 1 session

How well does it work?  

In 2007, Luc Nicon published a book, "Tipi: Technique for the Sensory Identification of Unconscious Fears" in which he reports his initial findings and results using the technique to heal negative and unwanted emotions.


According to Luc Nicon's research, out of 297 people he initially worked with, more than two third of his patients were healed with just one session and 96% were healed after 3 sessions or less. 

The chart shows the various types of issues treated and their success as reported in his book.   


Since 2007, the technique has been refined and we are offering to you, today to help you heal with the Peace method.  

Each month, more than 15,000 professional emotional regulation sessions are held worldwide. There are over 3,000 trained professionals across the world, including doctors, therapists, teachers and coaches.

Luc Nicon Research Chart.jpg

How does the Peace Method Work?

PEACE stands for Permanent Elimination of Adverse Conflicts and Emotions.


The reason the PEACE Method is so effective is that it accesses the subconscious part of the brain and replaces old paths created by past trauma, with new ones that no longer are associated with that trauma. 

That is why it works so well with any adverse emotions such as anxiety, fear, anger, phobia, etc. 

The PEACE Method taps into our innate capacity to heal negative emotions. 

We all have an innate capacity to heal most of our challenging emotions.  The PEACE method taps into this capacity by working on our physical sensations, instead of on the conscious brain.


The PEACE method revolutionary approach allows our sensory memories and intellectual memories to reconnect, permanently resolving our triggers when other techniques are unable to. 


We cannot be 100% healed until our subconscious brain is 

You tried everything, and nothing really worked... until

"I tried everything I could think of. From regular therapy to NLP, hypnotism, meditation, yoga and even got some antidepressants, who make me numb and sometimes sick. Nothing really worked and was desperate until I discovered the PEACE Method" Erica J. 

What I found frustrating with most "help" is how much time (and money) it costs, and usually for results that I got, did not really stick.

Why is that? 

The main reason that most classical therapies do not really help quickly, is because that they usually focus on our cognitive or conscious brain and therefore, do no deal with healing the circuits of the subconscious brain. 

According to the latest research, led by Dr. Lisa Barnett, our brain is constantly evaluating our environment and making predictions based on past experiences.  Sometimes, our brain predicts a danger or threat that no longer exists – and we experience intense emotions that are out of proportion to our actual situation.  


In fact, our subconscious mind thinks that we are in danger of dying, based on past experience or trauma.  


Once the subconscious mind triggers physical sensations, these sensations can’t be overruled or controlled by the conscious mind. The logical mind can’t make sense of it, and our intellect and body fall out of sync.

That is why most therapies do not work until the subconscious brain knows that it is safe.