What Is The PEACE Method?


The Permanent Elimination of Adverse Conflicts and Emotions – or the PEACE method – helps you to eliminate emotional blocks that have been standing in your way of living a fulfilled, happy, and satisfied life.


Millions of people today suffer from anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, fears and phobias, and the effects of post-traumatic stress. These conditions live in our bodies and can disrupt our lives. We may spend years trying different treatments. Maybe we find temporary relief, only for things to get worse again when life gets stressful or something triggers our biological response.


With the PEACE method, we believe that in order to transform these conditions, we must begin with the body – and by doing so, we can transform and permanently resolve conditions that have plagued us for years.


And the most amazing part is that, contrary to popular belief, we can transform them in mere minutes – as proven by thousands of recorded results.


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The Science Behind The Process

When Our Reactions Feel Out Of Proportion

“As soon as we experience a difficult emotion, if we put our attention on the physical sensations we feel in the body and let them evolve freely, that emotion will be regulated definitively in less than 60 seconds.”

Sensory Reliving, Luc Nicon, 2013




The PEACE method is based on the technique of emotional resolution, popularized by French behavioral communication researcher Luc Nicon. Practiced by professionals around the world, emotional resolution is effectively proven to permanently resolve conditions such as:


Anxiety - Depression - Low self-esteem - Trauma and PTSD - Phobias and fears - Panic attacks - Apathy and lack of motivation - Insomnia


The technique is based on neurological research on how emotional narratives are stored in the body. Nicon recognized that as human beings, we all have the innate ability to self-regulate our emotions – including our traumas, fears, and other emotional blocks. In order to do this, though, we must begin with the body – not the mind.


By approaching our emotions through our physical sensations, rather than our intellect, we’re able to permanently regulate any unwanted emotional reaction.



Many modern approaches to healing, such as talk therapy and psychological counseling, focus on the intellect. These methods can have great success, but fall short at accessing the physiological root of many conditions.


There are three common mistakes people often make when dealing with negative emotions:


  1. We try to “figure it out.” We look for the origin of our reactions, asking ourselves, “Why is this happening? What’s wrong with me? Why am I reacting like this?”


By mentally asking ourselves these questions, we stay stuck in our intellect, only reinforcing the very neural circuits we have to break in order to heal.


  1. We rationalize and minimize. We tell ourselves it doesn’t matter, and we try to control our emotional reactions.


This, unfortunately, only leads to repressed feelings, which creates a pressure in our bodies. It decreases our confidence and sense of control, and can lower our self-esteem.


  1. We feel ashamed. We judge ourselves. This only adds to our existing pain. It diminishes our confidence, and takes energy away from our ability to respond effectively to the situation.



Nicon found that difficult emotions tend to resolve themselves when we allow ourselves to re-live the sensory experience – not the intellectual storyline – of the situation at its root.


At the core of the PEACE method is what emotional resolution practitioner Cedric Bertelli calls viscero-somatic quieting. It’s a simple and innate capacity within all of us, and yet one that we rarely take advantage of. Through this technique, we learn to tap into our physical sensations to connect with – and transform – the root of a challenging emotion.


The PEACE method is a revolutionary approach that allows our sensory memories and intellectual memories to reconnect, permanently eliminating the physical imprint that’s causing the adverse emotional reactions. It permanently resolves our triggers when other techniques are unable to.


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The PEACE method draws on the experiences of hundreds of thousands of people whose lives have been transformed through emotional resolution. Across the United States and Europe, professionals trained in the technique conduct over 15,000 sessions a month with a wide range of clients.


With the PEACE method, you work with a professional to learn the skills to resolve disruptive emotional patterns – permanently. Sessions typically last 50 minutes, and most people find relief with only one or two sessions.   


The PEACE method:


  • Is totally safe. Any human can use this technique on their own after an initial session with a professional.

  • Can be practiced at home in self-resolution sessions, which can be done in as little as 5 seconds and up to 2 minutes.

  • Is effective in treating a wide range of issues, from phobias to low self-esteem to depression and anxiety.


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Our brain is constantly evaluating our environment and making predictions based on past experiences. These predictions help us tremendously in getting through our day. Sometimes, however, our brain predicts a danger or threat that no longer exists – and we experience intense emotions that are out of proportion to our actual situation.  


Even if we rationally know we’re not in danger, our body’s acute stress reaction (ASR) takes over. Our bodies can’t tell the difference between reality and the fear-memory that’s being triggered.


Trauma works in a similar way. When we experience a trauma, our interoception network – which is hardwired within us – keeps a record of everything that’s going on inside and outside of us (including smell, touch, taste, sensations, sounds, etc.). Months or even years later, when the subconscious brain captures or perceives one of the memories recorded during the trauma, it makes a prediction based on the element of that trauma. In an effort to keep us “safe”, it essentially overreacts, and we’re left with intense emotional reactions that don’t fit our current situation.


Once the subconscious mind triggers physical sensations, these sensations can’t be overruled or controlled by the conscious mind. The logical mind can’t make sense of it, and our intellect and body fall out of sync.

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